9 Spiritual Keys to a Quality Longer Life

9 Spiritual Keys to a Quality Longer Life is a Spiritual Mind Power Affirmation by Dr. Paul Leon Masters.

9 Spiritual Keys to a Quality Longer Life - Paul Leon Masters


Through the grace of divine design by God’s Presence within the consciousness of my physical body, I accept that new cells are constantly replacing old cells throughout it.


I release all negative thought energy of both the present and past so as not to have negative energy interfering with the positive energy of new cells throughout my body.


I forgive everyone of everything in my entire life, knowing that old, negative energy adversely affects positive energy of new cells throughout my body.


Through my daily practice of meditation, I bring forth the natural healing, restorative, reengineering energies of God’s Presence within me into the new cells throughout my body.


I think and speak in a positive way about my age, such as referring to myself as so many years young rather than, so many years old.


I practice the great spiritual principle of moderation in all that I do including eating, drinking, exercising, and overall lifestyle. 


I am led by God’s Presence within me to do something that gives my life meaning, such as being of service or help to others.


The longer I live, the more I try to see the bright side of any situation or condition, knowing that God’s bright light love presence is the eternal reality hidden, oftentimes, by the outer appearance of what seems to be contradictions to a bright side.


Through God’s Presence within me, I am led to have leisure activities that I enjoy with friends who can laugh, have fun, and be supportive of me, and I of them.

Spiritual Mind Power Affirmations

Spiritual Mind Power Affirmations: Practical, Mystical, and Spiritual Inspiration Applied to Your Life by Paul Leon Masters.

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