Are you ready to forgive?

Michael Bernard Beckwith asks “Are you ready to forgive?” A wonderful question with a delightful response.

Forgiving someone is often not easy to do but once we begin the practice our lives improve and we connect with God’s Presence with us.

Forgiveness is the conscious letting go of animosity, resentment, hate, blame, rancor, or indifference to another being or oneself. When left unaddressed, the intangible energy of such emotions affects our perceptions, speech, behavior, and experiences. This is true even when un-forgiveness seems justified. An accumulation of un-forgiveness becomes toxic in the body.

Sometimes we hesitate to forgive because we presume that it lets individuals off the hook of accountability. At such times, we forget that a cosmic law of justice may grind more slowly than we feel is appropriate; however, it does grind surely, as in what we send out returns to us. Therefore, it is a path of higher wisdom to take responsibility for cleaning our inner household of the toxin of un-forgiveness.

Once forgiveness becomes an active component of our spiritual, emotional, and physical health regime, we can accept that we live in a friendly, trustworthy, and supportive universe.

When we wake up every day sensing and knowing that Existence itself is cheering us on, we naturally accept life’s possibilities, and infinite are the possibilities.

Are you ready to forgive?

Michael bernard beckwith

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