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Mysticism is a much‐abused word in today’s world; yet, it represents the highest quest of human growth and awareness. Abused because Mysticism has become a catchall term, encompassing everything from crystal‐gazing to tea‐leaf reading. In reality, however, it is none of these phenomena. Let us, therefore, examine what is actually meant by Mysticism.

According to Dr. Paul Masters the Qualities of Mysticism, properly defined and explained, are stated below:

  1. Discovering one’s ultimate Self-Reality, i.e., the relationship of man, woman, mind and the Universe.
  2. Discovering if there is a Supreme Universal Intelligence, or God, that resides in the deeper levels of the human mind.
  3. Making direct contact with this Supreme Universal Mind, or God.
  4. Experiencing this Presence, i.e., knowing that Universal Mind, or God, exists and can be contacted.
  5. Bringing forth into the conscious mind and surface daily life, the creativity, attributes and power of the Universal Mind, for the purpose of improving life through the application of Practical Mysticism.
  6. Being guided from within in all one does in daily life through intuitive ESP.
  7. Synthesizing the functional mind with the Creative Intelligence of the Universe and, therefore, being able to create the life one desires.

Note: In the definition of Mysticism presented above, steps 5, 6 and 7 are innate to Practical Mysticism.

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