Spiritual Science Fellowship

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The Spiritual Science Fellowship is a spiritualist church based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The SSF is the interfaith community outreach and public services division of the Spiritualist Yoga Fellowship, a non-denominational Christian Spiritualist religious fellowship or church, incorporating the insights of Yoga and the Modern Spiritualist Movement.

The SSF — which has no “faith requirements” as a prerequisite for membership — has been active at the forefront of the Encounter between the Eastern and Western religious traditions and the Mystical Traditions in the World’s Religions and cultures, east and west. This includes the secularization process in the world today. SSF instructors may be persons from all or no religious traditions who are competent in their subjects.

The SSF (SYF) is an interfaith member-unit of the International Council of Community Churches, which is affiliated with the National Council of Churches, USA, and the World Council of Churches, Geneva. The SSF operates its spiritual educational-outreach programs in cooperation with the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences (IIIHS), an NGO affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public information.

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