The Infinite Way

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The Infinite Way message was brought to this world through the spiritual revelations of Joel S. Goldsmith. It is a mystical message that teaches spiritual principles to live by and practice for harmonious living, and it is a blueprint for the attainment of God realization. Joel described The Infinite Way this way:

“Let me explain briefly what The Infinite Way is: It is a spiritual teaching consisting of principles which anyone may follow and practice, irrespective of his religious affiliation. The Infinite Way reveals the nature of God to be one infinite power, intelligence, and love; the nature of individual being to be one with His qualities and character, expressed in infinite forms and variety; and the nature of the discords of this world to be a misconception of God’s expression of Himself in His universe. These are universal principles based on the message of the Master, Christ Jesus, who taught that man can realize his oneness with God through conscious communion with God, thereby bringing about peace on earth, harmony, and wholeness.”
(The Art of Spiritual Healing, Chapter 4, “The Language of Spiritual Healing”)

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