Shamanic Prayer for Manifesting Power

This prayer for manifesting power comes from the book Praying With Power by Jose Stevens.

As Jose writes:

In order to manifest we have to generate the power to propel intent into physical reality. Although we are each born with an ample supply of power it tends to leak away wastefully through bad habits, worry, negative thinking, and a host of faulty behaviors.

Prayer for Manifesting Power

God, Great Spirit

You are all powerful

Since you create every particle of this great universe, millions of times each second, there is nothing quite as powerful as you are.

I am contemplating your awesome power.

I am seeing, experiencing, and knowing it.

I am being aware of it all the time.

I am learning about power this way.

I am asking you to funnel this power through the cells of my body.

I am experiencing it as light and vitality.

I am doing this process often.

I am feeling your energy from the planet coming up through my feet,
I am feeling your power coming up my spine,
I am feeling your energy expanding into my chest,
I am feeling your power flowing out of my arms and hands,
I am feeling your vitality flow through my throat,
And up the base of my skull.

I am feeling your power shoot out the back top of my head.

I am feeling the great vitality of the Sky flowing down into the forward top of my head,

Down my face and throat,

Down either side of my spine into the base of my spine,

Mixing and rising again up my spine in a continuous flow.

I am feeling the powerful vitality of your environment:
Your forests, plants, animals, mountains, deserts, seas,
Your sun, moon, stars, wind, and clouds,
Your earth, air, fire, and water,
Pouring into me through all my pores.

Every cell of my body is vibrating with your great charge.

Every atom of my body is glowing with exquisite light.

Every electron is jetting a tiny vibrant blue flame of life.

And this massive collection of flames turning Violet, forms an immense towering pyre radiating out through my body.

A great charge of your power is collecting in my reservoirs.
Your energy is flowing into my navel and storing there,
Your vitality is flowing into my heart and storing there,
Your power is flowing into my brow and storing there.

And each time I follow this practice I am storing ever more of your great power and vitality.

This is my birthright.

To use as I please to manifest my dreams,

To create happiness and joy,

To create peace and prosperity,

To alleviate suffering,

To bring others to your light as well.

Spirit with your support,

I am powerful,
I am most powerful,
I am enormously powerful.
Thank you for making me so powerful.

Thank you for providing all these resources for free.
Thank you for reminding me how to use them well.
Thank you for your direction.

I will use your power wisely to promote my great dream.

And so it is.

This prayer for manifesting power comes from the book Praying With Power by Jose Stevens.

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